Dental Crowns

Restoring Strength and Beauty

When your tooth requires restoration in terms of size, shape, or strength, Dr. Sonny Afshar or Dr. Fara Afshar may recommend a porcelain dental crown. A dental crown is a custom-made covering that is designed to resemble your natural teeth. Once the tooth has been prepared, our dentists will take impressions of your teeth, enabling the creation of a crown that perfectly matches your smile. After ensuring the fit and appearance of the crown, any necessary adjustments will be made before permanently cementing it in place

Dental crowns serve a multitude of purposes, including:

  • Strengthening weak teeth and holding cracked teeth together.
  • Restoring broken or worn-down teeth to their original form and function.
  • Providing protection and support for teeth with significant cavities.
  • Anchoring dental bridges for secure tooth replacement.
  • Enhancing the aesthetics of your smile with cosmetic improvements.
  • Safeguarding badly damaged teeth or those at high risk of cavities in children.