Sedation Options

Conscious Sedation Dentistry: Your path to relaxation

Your comfort is a top priority. We offer advanced methods and technologies to ensure you have a relaxed and comfortable experience during your dental treatments.

For patients seeking a stress-free experience, we provide conscious dental sedation, which involves the use of carefully administered sedatives to create a calming effect.

Sedation Options

Understanding conscious sedation for dental procedures

Before your procedure, we will provide you with a small dose of calming sedative to take the night before.

On the day of your appointment, you will be accompanied by a companion as driving to and from our office while under the influence of sedation medications is not recommended. We will administer additional small doses of sedatives to further relax you before your procedure.

After completion of the procedure, we will provide medications tailored to your needs, which will gradually wear off without any lasting effects. Conscious sedation ensures a comfortable experience without any lingering grogginess and overall sedation will wear off quickly.

Benefits of oral conscious sedation dentistry

Conscious sedation is particularly beneficial for patients with dental anxiety or fear, as it helps them relax during dental procedures. Not only does this help our patients during dental care but it helps before their dental appointment.

In fact, some patients may not even make an appointment due to fear of the dental process. Dental sedation allows them to know that they’ll feel comfortable and relaxed during the procedure.

While pain is minimal to non-existent during dental work, everyone has a different tolerance. In addition to relieving anxiety, conscious sedation helps minimize pain and discomfort during procedures.

Patients are awake but the sedation medications block pain sensations. This allows the dentist to perform procedures with less difficulty resulting in a better and faster outcome.

If the thought of visiting the dentist makes you anxious or nervous, Dr. Sonny Afshar and Dr. Fara Afshar may recommend sedation dentistry to enhance your comfort and make your experience more pleasant.

Conscious Dental Sedation

Conscious Dental Sedation vs General Anesthesia

Benefits of oral conscious sedation dentistry

Different levels of sedation are used for various dental procedures. The two options many dental offices offer are conscious sedation and general anesthesia.

During general anesthesia, you’re fully unconscious so all sensations are gone. This requires administration through an IV or breathing mask and continuous monitoring of your blood pressure and oxygen saturation are required. There are more risks associated and a longer recovery period than conscious dental sedation.

Discover if conscious sedation is right for you

Conscious Dental Sedation

Have you put off dental work due to fear or anxiety? Are you worried about pain or discomfort during dental procedures? Please believe us when we say this is incredibly common and far more common than you may think.

This is why we offer dental sedation options for our patients. We don’t want to see you suffer in pain or unhappiness with your smile. You have a choice.

To determine if conscious sedation is the right option for you and to schedule a visit with our dentists, please contact Cosmetic Dental Implant Solutions today.

We are committed to providing a soothing and stress-free dental experience to meet your individual needs.